Blakley’s Concrete & Masonry Services

Building owners and contractors draw upon our extensive expertise and resources restoring and installing concrete and masonry. From restoration, to reinforcement, to repairs and coatings, Blakley’s Concrete & Masonry Services team supports your objectives.

Competitive Edge
Quality Assurance
High Safety Rating/MICCS/IDOL Certified Partner
Financial Stability
Over 200 Years of Combined Experience
Experience & Expertise
Foreman 30-Hour OSHA Certified.



From concrete restoration to bridge overlay, Blakley’s CMS brings the experience and dedication to your commercial or industrial project.

Concrete Restoration

Structural Reinforcement
Floor Slab, Beam, Column & Wall Renovation
Corrosion Control
Expansion Joint Repair/Replacement
Protective Coating Systems
Waterproofing Membrane Applications
Shotcrete Applications
Floor Slab Replacement
Pavement Joint Sealants
Slab Jacking
Epoxy Injection
Pressure Grouting (Cementitious & Chemical)


Concrete Floor Polishing, Staining & Dyeing
Decorative Concrete Coatings
Secondary Containment Liners & Coatings
Joint Sealant Installation & Replacement
Resinous Flooring
Flake & Aggregate Broadcast Flooring
MMA (Methyl Meth Acrylic) Flooring
Floor Slab Crack/Joint Repair
Floor Slab Jacking

Masonry Restoration

Terra Cotta Restoration
Cleaning & Sealing
Tuck Pointing/Re-pointing
Brick Color Matching
Patching, Replacement & Stabilization
Lintel Replacement
Crack & Leak Repair
Caulking & Sealants
Water Repellents
Above & Below Grade Waterproofing
Architectural/Elastomeric Coatings


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